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Cali Raised Catalytic Converter Shield For 4Runner (2014-2023)


If you are even somewhat familiar with Cali Raised products, you know they’re some of the best 4Runner accessories money can buy. We’re pleased to introduce the Cali Raised Catalytic Converter Shield for 4Runner (2014-2023).

With a recent rise in catalytic converter theft across the United States and Canada, our friends at Cali Raised developed an all new Catalytic Converter Shield to protect your cats from would-be thieves.

Each Catalytic Converter Shield is laser cut from American 12-Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel, then CNC bent for precise fitment and maximum protection. They also feature circular vent holes to help provide adequate heat dissipation without sacrificing strength or security.

The Cali Raised Catalytic Converter Shield for 4Runner (2014-2023) includes a passenger and driver-side guard, security hardware, and a tool specific to that hardware. They are compatible with 99% of skid plates, and require no drilling, welding, or other modification to your vehicle. Simply bolt them on and roll out!


3-4 Week Lead Time

Fits Requirements:

  • 4WD
  • Must Be V6 ONLY.
  • Must be automatic transmission only. 

Note: This product will not work with a manual transmission model.