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DMOS Tire Repair Kit

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This kit is designed to work on any tire you encounter, from an ATV tire to a semi-truck tire and everything in between. It is able to handle high-pressure RV tires to high flotation off-road tires. This gives you the ability to help others on the trail, yet have the confidence that you’ve got enough product in your kit to work on your own tires if the need arises.

Kit contents:  

Qty 1: All metal handle needle insertion tool

Qty 1: All metal handle probe tool

Qty 3:  Tubes of glue

Qty 15: String plugs

Qty 1: High Temp Valve Stem

Qty 4: Metal valve caps with slot tip and O-ring seal

Qty 4: Hi Temp Valve Cores

Qty 1: Four Way Tire tool

Comes in a nylon pouch with a DMOS logo.