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Dometic Cool-Ice WCI 22 Insulation Box

Original price $159.99
Current price $119.99

This highly efficient and lightweight icebox can keep ice for several days. It is made of a thick refrigeration grade foam insulation and has a unique labyrinth seal design. Take ice cold refreshment with you, wherever you're going!


  • Thick insulation and unique sealing design means ice lasts longer

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with strong shoulder strap
  • Strong, seamless, food grade polyethylene construction.
  • Integrated polyethylene feet
  • Durable, integrated hinges with stainless steel rods, strong nylon latches and stainless steel fixing screws
  • 22L



      Dimensions product depth: 14.29"

      Dimensions product height: 12.36"

      Dimensions product width: 15.20"

      Net weight: 9-10 LBS