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Flated Air-Chalet


It’s a fact that having your pet’s company makes any trip more memorable and enjoyable. But travelling with your pets can also be challenging. The Air-Chalet™ is the perfect solution that allows you to easily let your pet join the adventure.

The Air-Chalet’s design not only makes for easy storage, but the inflatable structure provides a firm, shock-absorbing yet forgiving environment. Think rigid-padded-bounce-house for Fido. Multiple screened windows and ceiling allow for plentiful ventilation and the full front, quick zip door offers plenty of room for easy access. With lightweight versatility, the Air-Chalet eliminates the need for separate in-home, in-vehicle pet crates. Easily move it from the family room floor to the backseat to the cargo space to the shade of your next campsite.

  • Includes foot pump and patch kit
  • Durable waterproof drop-stitch PVC can easily be cleaned with soap and water
  • Tie-down straps to secure into the back of your vehicle
  • Mesh windows on 5 sides for full ventilation
  • Mesh pockets on sides to hold leashes and other items
  • Versatile and portable — easily moved and used for a variety of functions
  • Structural. Rigid for safety and security yet inflatable for comfortable cushioning
  • Lightweight — only 12 to 17 lbs
  • Easy to store, unlike a kennel that can’t be deflated and rolled up

The FLATED® Air-Chalet is made from the strongest inflatable drop-stitch material on the market. We don't suggest trying this at home, but, when fully inflated the Air-Chalet can support a 230-pound person. If you want to keep your pet safe and comfortable while having more storage space between uses, then the Air-Chalet is for you.