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Front Runner Toyota Sequoia Base Deck (2023-Current)


Install the three-piece carpeted seat delete Base Deck and get your Toyota Sequoia primed for all types of gear-carrying duties. You now have a level packing surface, perfect for mounting a Fridge Slide or a stack of secured Wolf Pack Pro storage boxes.

  • Includes 3 base decks (1 front, 1 middle and 1 rear deck), 6 mounting brackets, installation hardware and fitting instructions.
  • The decks ensure a clean finished look and provide a level packing, or mounting surface, in the rear of the Toyota Sequoia.
  • The decks are covered with a durable, UV resistant nylon pile carpet.
  • The carpeted surface creates resiliency for securing cargo while insulating against noise and vibration.
  • The decks create a solid mounting surface for fridge sliders and the 4 Cub Box Drawer / Narrow.
  • Customize your storage configuration. Add Cargo Rail / 140mm or Cargo Rail / 1150mm, together with Tie Down Rings / Eye Nuts For Drawer System to Secure luggage, Wolf Pack Pro, Cub Pack, aluminum boxes and other storage containers to the top deck using Stratchits or other straps.
  • The 3rd row of seats need to be removed for installation of the base deck.