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Rago Fabrication The Surge Auxiliary Under-Hood Power Station For 4Runner (2010-2023)


Why do I need The Surge?

If you're running an Air Up/Down System, you really only have two options for mounting your compressor. Behind the Fuse Box, or on the passenger side of your engine bay. This can be a big issue, especially if you're still wanting to run a dual battery system and a central power station. The only logical thing to do, was to create a central power station in an unexpected location, so you can have it all. 

The Surge is a an all inclusive power station that allows you to run electrical in the front of your engine bay while adding more electrical options in your 4Runner. By having this plate, you can run a compressor mount above the fuse box, a secondary battery system on the passenger side, and up to a Group 31 Battery in factory location. This plate is specifically designed to hold the Blue Sea System and an additional Switch Pros SP9100. 

So who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? 

 The Details:

  • Made from 1/8" Aluminum 
  • Fitment is for 5th Gen 4Runner ONLY.
  • Adds more electrical options
  • Mounts with Blue Sea System 
  • Allows you to mount an additional Switch Pro SP9100
  • Does NOT work with Factory Fluid Reservoir - Must have Aqua Tank 
  • Drilling Required