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RinseKit 2 Gallon Plus Portable Shower + Pressure Booster Pump


Self-Pressurized - Patented pressurization transfer system via hose bib or sink filling

• 2 Gallon Capacity - Long shower and spray times (approximately 4:15 minutes)

• Heating Options - Compatible with our Hot Rod Water Heater for hot showers up to 104 F

• 5-Setting Spray Nozzle - Settings include jet, mist, center, flat, and shower

Insulated Tank - Keeps water warmer, or colder for longer


Durable outer shell with a detachable lid that can be used to stand on when rinsing off
• Ergonomic handle and internal storage space for soap, sunscreen, snacks etc.
• 6-foot-long hose for easy reaching, and a 5-spray setting Spray Nozzle for all of your rinsing needs

Included Accessories

• Pressure Booster Pump

• Hot Water Sink Adapter

• Hose Bib Adapter

• Spray Nozzle