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Rago Fabrication Secondary Battery Box For Tacoma (2016-2023)


Admit it, you need a little extra power to get you through your next trip. Whether you are running dual batteries to power your accessories or as just an extra power source, you want to keep that battery safe at all costs. The Secondary Battery Box keeps your Group 34 or 35 Odyssey Battery secure while you ride on rocky trails or you just want to test the speed demon in you. This product mounts onto the passenger side of your vehicle to give it a little room to breathe.  Made from strong, rust-free stainless steel, the Rago Battery Box offers protection on all sides of your battery. TIG-welded for a precise, snug fit, the Battery Box is easy to install and includes all the stainless steel hardware. 

The Details

  • The ability to Mount the ARB Differential Axle Breather Kit
  • Is not compatible with Sport Trim Style
  • Includes mounting options for Redarc or Blue Sea
  • The ability to Mount a Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR automatic Charging Relay
  • Zip-Tie Slots For Clean & Secure Mounting
  • Made From Stainless Steel
  • Rust-Free Guarantee
  • TIG-Welded for Precise Fitment

Fits MOST Group 34, 35 batteries. Tested with Odyssey Group 34, 35 batteries. If you are unsure of fit reference the dimensions of the group 34, 35 Odyssey batteries off their website.